Our coaches come from various backgrounds. They possess incredible talent to deal with the unique set of needs of each client on a session by session basis. All of our coaches were trained on Sante’s exclusive method. They are all alchemists of success and happiness!

CAROLINE GARRAFACoach and Founder of Santé
Caroline Garrafa, founder and Head Coach of Santé, is responsible for the Brazil office. Production Engineer with an MBA in
behavior and leadership, Caroline is a high performance team leader in several competitive environments. Inspired by the possibility of helping to change people’s life stories, Caroline created an exclusive methodology that extracts maximum potential from every individual which leads to magnificent results and a natural and graded discovery of true happiness!

Married, 2 beautiful children (Mel and Athos) and happy
Values and Inspiration: God / family / friends / travel / sports
A dream come true: travel around the world

ANDREA GOUVEIACoach and Co-Founder of Santé in the US
Andrea Gouvea is Miami’s CEO for Santé! She has more than 15 years in the technology field – training teams, building new consultants and teaching clients to use new systems. Andrea is an expert on developing new talents.

Married, 3 children, resident in the United States
Values and Inspiration: compassion / relationships / family / sport / travel
A dream come true: living in front of the water

Eduardo Magalhães is a Coach and Co-founder for Santé. He graduated in Economics from PUC/SP with an expertise in entrepreneurship and European Markets from EMLYON, France with a Dubai exchange module. He holds a long career in the Financial Market working mainly for national and international banks in Brazil e leadership for high performance teams. Senior experience in commercial business relationships with clients and products for Ltda. He is an expert in Sports Science and Management, and enjoys playing his amateur Handball.

Married to a wonderful woman, 2 children who win by smile
Values and Inspiration: God above all / family / friends / sports
A dream come true: watching the Olympics

Taís Carlos de Moraes Santos is a certified Santé method’s coach and Practitioner. A Psychologist CRP 06/93779 with an expertise on Corporate and Human Resources Psychology. She is certified in Positive Psychology applied on Coaching and in Neuroscience applied on Coaching. Since 2008 is a consultant for the field of human behavior in big corporations and provides the development of human behavior skills by the path of self-knowledge which drive directly professional performance in both people and organizations.

Married, mother of a beautiful girl, who inspires me every day!
Values and Inspiration: God / family / friendship / sport / knowledge
Dream accomplished: working with what I love, being a Coach!

Marina Marzotto is a Santé methodology certified coach. Business administrator and communication specialist, with a degree from James Madison University, USA. Marina has more than 8 years of experience in Brazilian retail with a specialization in franchising operations by Grupo Boticário. She focuses on corporate restructuring through permanent analysis of creation, implementation and improvement of systems, people, processes, indicators and management reports. Having her organizational leadership oriented to people beyond results, and eternal passionate about empowering and transforming people. She is a Psychodramatist who graduated from the Associação Brasileira de Psicodrama e Sociodrama. Forever curious and eager to learn, she is currently a postgraduate student in neuroscience at Santa Casa.
Curious, enthusiastic and passionate about challenges! Values and inspiration: Divine / Sports / Music / Travel / Ubuntu. Dream accomplished: 45 days backpacking through Asia and an American graduation with honor and 3 awards.
Certified coach by Santé Coaching who is a specialized consultant in human development and entrepreneurship areas. He guides discussion groups and training courses on these subjects. He is an Electrical Engineer, with a postgraduate in Finance and a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science. A trajectory of 5 years acting in the engineering market, 3 years as a university professor, 15 years in the finance market and corporate instructor, 2 years in the network market and on the last 6 years has been an entrepreneur in the embroidery textile sector. He acted as a business consultant, guiding entrepreneurs.
Father to the most beautiful and intelligent girl
Values and Inspirations: To live, to gain knowledge, keeping friends and having a Family.
An accomplished dream: Been a father, visited Albert Einstein’s house and met Ariano Suassuna.
Likes to read and is a good listener.
Coach certified Santé Method’s Coach with a degree in Life & Executive Coaching from ICI (Integrated Coaching Institute). Erica graduated with a degree in Business from USP (University of São Paulo). She has an MBA in Human Resources from FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation) and a grade in Intern Consultant by Ornellas Consultoria. More than 10 years in the field on Human Resources, gathering knowledge in all subsystems of HR. She also has knowledge in managing corporate objectives. She has a personal method for maximizing people self and professional fields by a creative and inspiring path.
Married, mother of a beautiful and talkative boy.
Values and Inspiration: respect / honesty / spirituality / family / friends.
A dream come true: trips to Europe and Japan.
Ramon Rosa is a Santé methodology certified coach with a Master’s degree in Business Administration (INSPER), graduated in Economics (USP) and Social Sciences (PUC-SP). Business and planning executive with passage through several areas like Digital Channels, Products, Marketing and CRM. A speaker and teacher, specialist in Data Science and Social Network Analysis, contributing to the human capital development of different companies. He is an avid reader and researcher on various subjects, shares professional experiences and content in business, science and culture on LinkedIn.
Cycling lover, very well married and father of an incredible boy.
Values and inspiration: God / Family / Science / Justice / Mathematics
Dream accomplished: overcoming humble origins
Raphael Romanini is a certified Santé method’s Coach with a degree in international Relations, and Finance specialist. Raphael has an MBA Business Management by FGV-SP and Business English Proficiency at BULATS by Cambridge University. Ten years in the Financial Market, seven in the banking sector and three years in investments management. He is a huge sports fan and has a special taste for Football. He is part of the coaching team of Ponte Preta Gorillas as an Offensive Head Coach. “First comes your character than the rest”, he uses to say.
Married with his best friend from college.
Values and Inspiration: character / integrity / family / sports / travel
A dream come true: watch an NFL game live
Goya Cruz is a Santé methodology certified coach with 35 years of experience in creation, planning, new business and team gestor, in several areas: communication, culture, arts and business in major institutions. She graduated in Advertising and Marketing from FAAP. For 10 years she has been an image curator in the assembly of exhibitions and photography publications with Ministers courses and workshops on these subjects. She published a book: Fazer Fotografia. For 8 years she has developed a personalized work where she guides professionals and companies to identify the best way to conquer the market and to recognize their own talent from Image Story Telling. In addition to her various volunteer works, her recent courses include Quantum Creativity, U Theory, Audio description for the visually impaired, dubbing, and creative writing.
A dance and arts lover, she enjoys swimming, yoga, running, hiking and ultralight flight.
Values and inspiration: people/freedom/empathy/love/joy/art/
enthusiasm/travel/culture/diversity. Dream accomplished: help people to find their essence and always work on what you like and with challenges.
Fabiola Caramelo is a certified Santé method’s coach and a lawyer for more than 20 years. Fabiola worked for major offices in São Paulo, Rio and Madrid. She earned her law degree from Mackenzie University and has an MBA in Business Management by FGV/SP. She has lived in 4 different countries in Latin America, Europe and now currently resides in the US. In her European times she studied Energy Law in Madrid. She speaks three different languages, is passionate for people and discovered her natural vocation for coaching.
Adriana Luize is a certified Santé method’ Coach who graduated in Arts and Advertising with a post degree in Service Marketing. She holds a career of more than 20 years in the financial market. She currently dedicates her time to her passion for fashion, self-image and personal empowerment through self-esteem and appearance makeovers. Certified as Personal Stylist and Image Consultant by Fine Arts School of SP. Creative and art and innovation lover.